Visit stradbrokes north stradbroke island point lookout and amity point. also known as straddie. discover the great range of units and holiday houses for 2019
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Welcome to Dolphin Holiday Accommodation, North Stradbroke Island.


We offer holiday accommodation at Point lookout and at Amity Point.


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 *If you are unwell, please contact us to postpone your stay to a time when you are better.


Discover North Stradbroke Island Accommodation. Your one stop guide for Stradbroke Island Holidays and Straddie Accommodation.

Browse our budget to luxury holiday accommodation and discover Stradbrokes wide range of options for accommodation at Point Lookout and Amity Point and information about Stradbroke holidays. Dolphin has budget unit accommodation, bungalows, townhouses, apartments and houses. From budget one can go to mid range townhouses, apartments and houses. The luxury accommodation covers a mix of units, apartments, townhouses and houses. The accommodation varies from 1 bedroom to 6 bedroom properties and all have linen supplied including towels. There is a basic starter pack of soap and toiletries. Some properties have magnificent ocean views, others a bush setting. Most are close to beaches.

 The Stradbroke Island accommodation options, provided by Dolphin Holiday Accommodation, also offer pet friendly lodging at selected properties at Point Lookout and Amity Point. You do not need  to worry about leaving your pets behind; take them with you on pet friendly holidays. On North Stradbroke Island discover the delights of the fresh water lakes. Straddie has excellent beaches. The allure of the different surf breaks makes surfing a wonderful experience. There is always one where you can surf or take in the wide beaches. Visit Stradbroke and experience the  laid back feel to help you unwind from the daily hassels. Straddie at Point Lookout or Amity Point is the ideal place to enjoy a holiday rental. Dolphin Holiday Accommodation has all ranges of accommodation. Units, resorts and houses range from budget to luxury. Some properties have wifi, most have BBQs.  Properties are situated on the beach to high up giving magnificent views over the Coral sea. Sit on your deck and watch whales going by. Straddie has it all. All of our properties are supplied bed linen and towels making your stay more managable. Are you looking for accommodation to the Island Vibe. We can supply holiday rentals. Are you looking for short term holiday rentals to the Straddie Assault . We have rentals available. 1 bedroom to 4 bedroom.  We have them available.






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