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Accommodation Amity Point

Holiday On North Stradbroke Island

When traveling on holiday to North Stradbroke Island and looking for an accommodation at Amity Point, look no further than Dolphin Holiday Accommodation. They offer the widest range of accommodations on Straddie. From budget accommodations to luxury, Dolphin has been providing the highest quality service to its customers for 18 years. The island is beautiful destination for those in search of a nice, quiet holiday away from the rigors of work and city life. Amity Point is one of the three popular destinations on Straddie and is known for its fishing.

An accommodation at Amity Point booked by Dolphin comes with a wide variety of amenities. All of the linens are provided by Dolphin. Bath towels, bedding, tea towels, and more are all part of the package. There are even pet-friendly properties available for holiday travelers who are uncomfortable leaving a pet at home while they are on holiday. Dolphin can also book holidays for an unlimited number of nights. It is one of the reasons they are preferred. Travelers can stay for a single night, a week, or however long they would like.

There is plenty to do on the island. An accommodation at Amity Point, and anywhere on the island, may have direct beach access so people can walk right out of their property and onto the beach. There are several beaches to visit, including Cylinder Beach which is well-known for its swimming. The swells are smaller and the beach is patrolled by lifeguards so it is popular among families. Main Beach is popular among those looking to surf.