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Accommodation on Stradbroke: A Relaxing Holiday

For a most enjoyable and relaxing holiday, head to Stradbroke Island, known locally as “Straddie.” Dolphin Holiday Accommodation has been providing tenants with high quality service when booking an accommodation on Stradbroke. The great thing with Dolphin Holiday is the flexibility in choices when booking a stay. Whether a tenant wants to stay just one night or one entire month, Dolphin Holiday can make it happen. The company has been in business for 18 years and can save money on barge fares. Their ultimate goal is a memorable stay and they will make sure it happens with a commitment to their tenants.

An accommodation on Stradbroke provided by Dolphin Holiday Accommodation also gives travelers the option of bringing a pet. There are selected properties on Straddie that are pet-friendly. Those going on holiday do not need to worry about leaving their pets behind and can enjoy their stay with their favourite creatures. If travelers do not bring their own pets, there is always the ability to see all sorts of marine life around the island. Beginning in May, humpback whales will migrate north of the island. In August they will head south with their calves. Whale watching is a popular pastime on the island. Point Lookout, where Dolphin Holiday Accommodation is located, is a favourite spot to do so.

There are plenty of beaches for families to spend their days. Cylinder Beach is popular because of its accessibility. Obtaining an accommodation on Stradbroke with Dolphin Holiday will provide travelers with this type of information. The goal of Dolphin Holiday Travel is to make sure tenants have a wonderful relaxing holiday. They provide a wide range of accommodations, from budget to luxury, in order to make that happen.