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Budget Accommodation Stradbroke Island

Holiday On A Budget At Stradbroke Island

Many travelers would love the experience of a beach holiday like that on Stradbroke Island but may not feel as if they can afford it. With Dolphin Holiday Accommodation, a budget accommodation on Stradbroke Island is absolutely possible. For the past 18 years, Dolphin has been providing the best holiday experiences for travelers to Straddie. They can offer a wide range of accommodations, including those for people on tight budgets. Holiday stays can range from one night to an unlimited number of nights.

A budget accommodation on Stradbroke Island provides amenities for travelers as well. Dolphin will provide all linens, which includes all bath towels, bedding, and more. Properties come with kitchen and dining areas and there is access to groceries on the island. More importantly, many of the holiday rentals on the island have direct beach access. People can enjoy the feeling of walking out of their holiday house and right onto the gorgeous beaches of North Stradbroke Island. There are five main beaches on the island which attract all sorts of swimmers, surfers, and sun bathers. Main Beach is popular with surfers and Cylinder and Home Beaches are popular with swimmers.

Dolphin Holiday Accommodation is the one-stop guide for holiday travelers, especially those looking for a budget accommodation, on Stradbroke Island. Accommodations are available at Amity Point, Point Lookout, and Flinders Beach, three of the hot spots on the island. Along with swimming, surfing, and sun bathing, holiday travelers can enjoy watching the humpback whales that migrate north of the island beginning in May and then head south in August.