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Cheap, Budget Holiday Accomodation in Straddie

Best Advice for Choosing Accommodations on Straddie

When you are planning your family holiday to Straddie you probably have a budget that you need to stay within and so you look for cheap rentals. The good news is that the island has many different accommodation options for you to consider and all of them give you the same beautiful holiday in a peaceful, laid back location on the shore.

Diverse Accommodation Options on a Diverse Island

Stradbroke Island is a diverse location that offers holidaymakers a mix of lush, dense rainforests, freshwater lakes on the inland and sandy pristine beaches. The three inhabited areas range from the historical gateway, to the charming, untouched areas, to the surfing and beach life. In this same diversity, visitors can choose accommodations that range from camping to resorts.

Holiday Accommodation

Visitors to Straddie will notice almost immediately that this is not a tourist resort, in fact, the island seems to have become stuck in time in many areas and yet it offers accommodations that are modern despite not having become over-developed. The type of accommodation you choose largely depends on your budget and what you want whilst you are there. This laid-back island doesn't have an overly large population of penthouses or high-rise resorts; however, if you are looking for luxury it can be found.

If you are a nature lover and want to stay on the cheap side, you can camp right on the beach. You will need to have a permit and a four-wheel drive for transportation. There are designated camping areas on the beach, some of which have the added features of showers and toilets as well as barbecue pits for cooking. If this is something you would like to do, you do have to book and pay for it before you reach the island.

You can stay beachfront without having to be primitive and set up camp. There are many beachfront rentals that range from small one-room cottages to large homes that would house you and your family. Rental agencies typically handle these accommodations and can help you choose one that meets your budget and fits your family size.

Rental of private homes is an option that many holidaymakers choose when planning their holiday. There are many private homes on Straddie that are owned by people on the mainland. These homeowners rent them to visitors when they are not occupying them on their own holiday. These are actual homes that have been built for living in and range from 2-4 bedrooms. You can find these rentals through rental agents on the mainland or the island.

In addition to rentals, there are bed and breakfast style accommodation options. Local families open up their home to visitors. This gives you the feeling of being home with all the luxury of being on holiday.

The island has several motels that are mid-range in price and located near the most popular beach areas. You can find motels that are cheap and simply one room and a bath to more luxurious suites.

If you don't have a budget and you demand luxury from your accommodation, Stradbroke has several luxury resort-style options that have everything you could possibly want.

Choosing to holiday on Straddie gives you many options for where you stay and what you do. Contact your rental agent and get your holiday planned early.