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Dolphin Real Estate Rentals Stradbroke Island

Dolphin Provides Best Holiday Accommodations On Straddie

Holiday travelers looking for the best accommodations should look no further than Dolphin real estate rentals on Stradbroke Island. Straddie, as it is known locally, is a gorgeous island close to Brisbane, Queensland. It is a popular holiday spot that offers scenic beaches and the opportunity for nice, relaxing holidays. Dolphin, which has been providing great holiday accommodations for the past 18 years, offers a wide range of choices for travelers. Whether it is a one-night stay or a one-week stay, Dolphin can handle your booking. They can handle holidays much longer as well. They offer budget accommodations as well as luxury ones and will provide all linens with every booking. All bedding, bath towels, tea towels, and bath mats are provided by Dolphin Holiday Accommodation.

Those seeking a relaxing getaway will be rewarded with such as they head to North Stradbroke Island. There are numerous beaches, such as Cylinder Beach, which is popular among families for its easy access and the lifeguard patrols that watch over the beach most of the year. Waves there are generally lower, which suits families with younger children. The surfing around the island is phenomenal year-round. Travelers can also go whale watching and see the humpback whales that migrate around the island every year. All of this can be enjoyed with Dolphin real estate rentals on Stradbroke Island.

For a great, enjoyable holiday, use Dolphin real estate rentals on Stradbroke Island. Let Dolphin Holiday Accommodation provide you with great service and accommodations around the island at spots like Point Lookout, Amity Point, and Flinders Beach.