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Island Vibe Festival Stradbroke Island Accomodation

Take Part in the 10th Annual Island Vibe Festival, with Accommodation on Stradbroke Island!

This fall, from October 30th to November 1st, the Island Vibe Festival will officially celebrate its 10th birthday. Island Vibe is a major reggae, roots music, island soul and electronic music festival held annually on the beautiful Stradbroke Island. Featuring four stages with more than 50 live artists, the Island Vibe Festival on Stradbroke Island frequently draws huge audiences from Brisbane, the Gold Coast and throughout Australia.

More than just live music, the Island Vibe Festival is also a celebration of island culture and heritage, and visitors are treated to 'art, interactive workshops, stalls circus, eco-food and craft markets.' And with this year's event marking the 10th anniversary of the festival, the celebration is surely going to be even more powerful than it has been in the past.

Finding the Right Island Vibe Festival Accommodation

If you are planning on making the trip to Stradbroke Island this fall for the Island Vibe Festival, then you will want to know about Straddie. For years, we have been assisting travellers in booking accommodations for holidays on Stradbroke Island. With dozens of different lodgings in our catalogue—including beach houses, condos, studio apartments and more—we can find you and your family or friends a comfortable and convenient place to stay during the three days of the Island Vibe Festival.

When you work with Straddie to find an Island Vibe Festival accommodation on Stradbroke Island, you won't have to worry about much beyond reserving your house or apartment. We provide full linens to all of our guests (including towels, sheets and other bedding), and our properties are located within convenient range of grocery stores, petrol stations and other amenities. Some of our properties are even pet-friendly, so if you plan on bringing a dog or cat with you out to Stradbroke, just let us know.

Why Stay with Straddie for the Island Vibe Festival?

So why should you book Island Vibe Festival accommodation through Straddie? After all, many of the audience members at the festival simply take a ferry over from Cleveland and spend a day at the event, instead of turning their experience into a full-fledged vacation.

However, there are numerous benefits to spending the night on Stradbroke Island for the Island Vibe festival. For one thing, when you reserve accommodation on Stradbroke for the festival, the entire experience becomes far less stressful. You don't have to worry about making it over on the ferry before your favourite reggae band plays, or about cramming onto the ferry with all of the other music fans making their way out to the island. The ferry rides are also lengthy (45 minutes, from Cleveland, plus another 35 minutes of driving from Brisbane), so staying on the island makes it far more feasible to enjoy all three days of the Island Vibe Festival, instead of just one.

Finally, reserving accommodation on Stradbroke Island for the Island Vibe Festival simply gives you more chance to experience this remarkable locale. You can't truly appreciate the beauty of Stradbroke just by spending a few hours on the festival grounds, and since Island Vibe is a celebration of the island and its heritage, you'll get a more complete experience by expanding your festival-going trip into a stay-away vacation.

If you are interested in booking accommodation on Strabroke Island for this year's Island Vibe Festival, you will want to do so sooner rather than later! Island Vibe is a popular event, and this year will likely be even busier than usual thanks to the 10-year birthday celebration. So reserve your lodging today, at, and get ready for the experience of a lifetime!