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Lines In The Sand Accommodation (Stradbroke Island)

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Calling all art fans: every year, the Lines in the Sand Festival features the best in both and outdoor art on the beautiful North Stradbroke Island. The annual festival, which will mark its fourth year in 2015, always works with different themes and concepts to provide a completely different experience every year. If you attended the 2014 'Hot Island' incarnation of the Lines in the Sand Festival, then you know how unique the event can be. Last year's event celebrated the ecology, environment and native traditions of North Stradbroke Island—making the Lines on the Sand festival the kind of art showcase that you can't experience anywhere else in the world.

The dates and program for this year's actual Lines in the Sand Festival on Stradbroke Island have yet to be announced. You can keep an eye out for additional information on the full festival at However, even with details about this year's festival pending, you can still plan a visit to North Stradbroke Island and get the Lines in the Sand experience.

Lines in the Sand 2015: Nature Art Actions and Workshops

Indeed, there are almost always Lines in the Sand art events going on around Stradbroke Island. Right now, the organization has several so-called 'Nature Art Actions' on the docket for 2015 and early 2016. The dates for these events include July 6th, September 28th, and January 4th. Each Nature Art Action is an all-day creative event, featuring several different opportunities to expand your artistic horizons.

For example, the July 6th Nature Art Action includes both free events and paid, reservation-only creative studios for both adults. Adults can book a spot to create woven structures or wooden lithographs while kids might enjoy working with clay, T-shirt stencilling, jewellery and more. Visit the Lines in the Sand homepage, or email to learn more or to reserve your spot.

Finding Lines in the Sand Accommodation

If you are planning on visiting Stradbroke Island for the July 6th Lines in the Sand Nature Arts Action (or for the September 28th or January 4th events, for that matter), then want to find accommodation on the island to get the most out of the experience. After all, you don't want to miss out on the fun because you miss your ferry out to the island on the morning of the event, or you are stressing out about making it to the docks to catch a boat back to the mainland at the end of the day.

With the help of Dolphin North Stradbroke Island Holidays, you can find Lines in the Sand accommodation quickly and easily. Our catalogue of different lodgings includes beach houses, condos, apartments, inland homes, townhouses and more—so you can find the Lines in the Sand accommodation that best suits you and your family.