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North Stradbroke Island Holiday Accomodation

Guide to Planning Holidays on Stradbroke Island

Planning for your holidays on North Stradbroke Island is fun and exciting. This is the world's largest sand island and is located off the east coast of Australia. Straddie, as the island is commonly referred to, is a peaceful place of relaxation with beautiful, sandy white beaches and a variety of marine wildlife to keep you entertained. You can start your holidays by the pristine ocean and visit the rainforest and lakes during your stay.

Accommodation Choices

There are many different accommodation choices on Stradbroke Island that will please practically anyone. If you have extended holidays and can afford it, renting an apartment are the preferred accommodations. When you rent one of these you get all the amenities and extras you would expect at a hotel and even more. If you don't want to rent an apartment, there are other options that your travel agent can help you find.

Travel to Stradbroke

Stradbroke is just off the mainland but is not a part of it and so you have to take a ferry, barge or water taxi to get to the island. There are many of these that have a regular schedule so you don't have to worry about not making it to your destination. Once you reach Cleveland, there is a free bus that will take you the terminal where you get on the ferry.

Overview of the Island

North Stradbroke Island has a natural, untouched beauty about it that makes it a popular destination for holidaymakers. Only three parts of the island are inhabited, Dunwich, Lookout and Amity Point. When you arrive at Straddie you will be in Dunwich. This is a place for exploring the historical aspects of the island. You can go to the historical museum and learn about the waterfront cemetery and the history of the land.

Surfers looking for high waves will like Lookout as will families who want to visit the beaches. This is the most popular area for visitors and has the most accommodations. Lookout is also the only place on the island with a bar; there are other restaurants and clubs on Straddie but no other bars.

Amity Point is the third part of the island that is inhabited and is practically untouched as far as being developed and changed by man. It is a laid back, small settled area that has retained the natural beauty of the island. If you want a real break from the fast-paced world, be sure to visit Amity Point and be charmed.

Activities for Your Holidays

There are lots of things to see and do when you take your vacation on Stradbroke Island you can go fishing, explore the island on a four-wheel drive or take a tour from one of the many guides on the island. You can go on safari in the rainforest, kayak the lakes, swim, and surf or simply sit back and watch the marine animals play in the ocean.

Stradbroke Island is an ideal holiday destination for families with children or couples. Reserve your accommodations today and be prepared for a wonderful break from the outside world.