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Point Lookout & Amity Point Holiday Rentals

Planning a Romantic Holiday on Stradbroke Island

Every couple needs to take time out for a romantic holiday without kids or technology interrupting their time together. If you are considering this, you need consider holiday rentals on Stradbroke Island. You can choose the poplar beach area known as Point Lookout with clubs and restaurants or the charming, quaint are known as Amity Point. Whichever one you choose will give you the holiday with your love that you both deserve.

Point Lookout and Amity Point

Point Lookout and Amity Point are two of the three main areas of North Stradbroke Island. This island is a paradise that many people dream about visiting. It has all the modern luxuries and yet has not been over-developed. It has the quaint look and feel that makes you feel as if you have went back in time. The natural beauty of the island has remained intact.

Point Lookout is the destination for surfers looking for big waves and where whale and dolphin watchers want to be to get the best view. The atmosphere is laid-back, like the rest of the island, and casual clothes are the norm. Point Lookout is the location for restaurants, clubs and the Stradbroke Hotel. You and your love can enjoy any type of accommodation, from camping on the beach to luxurious rentals by the ocean.

Amity Point is the place to be if you are looking more for rustic charm. Many people refer to this area of Straddie as the sleepy little fishing village. It is secluded and limited in what is allowed, for example, there are no surf beaches. This is a place of calm tranquillity where romance can bloom under the moon at the local popular jetty. Accommodation at Amity Point is mainly limited to bungalow-style that is located near the ocean.
If you are looking for a romantic getaway, holiday rental accommodation options are varied on Stradbroke Island. You can choose whether or not you want to stay on the beach or further inland. Regardless, you will be spending time with your love in a romantic location.

Things to Do at Point Lookout and Amity Point

Once you have made the decision to holiday at either Point Lookout or Amity Point, you don't have to worry about finding things to do. At Point Lookout you have restaurants and clubs you can visit or simply go to a barbecue on the beach and watch the tide come in and go out. You can take guided tours; watch the whales, dolphins and other marine life play in the water whilst you simply relax by the shore. You can go inland and tour the rainforest or local freshwater lakes. Amity Point offers swimming, a local lunch and dinner spot and the tranquillity and charm of the village life.

A visit to the historic gateway area of Dunwich is in order whilst you are on the island. Dunwich is the area you come through when you first arrive on the island and is a historic location that you should put on your agenda to revisit before leaving.

Give you and your love some quality time with a holiday to Straddie Island and rekindle your love amongst the beauty and serenity of the ocean.