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Premium Stradbroke Dolphin Holiday

Swim with a Dolphin and Watch a Whale on Your Next Holiday

Holidaymakers start their planning early so that they can work out every detail of where they are going to go, what type of accommodation they want and can afford and what types of activities they want to include, such as swimming with dolphins off the coast of a the beautiful Island of Stradbroke.

A Premium Holiday - Close Yet Far Away

If you do decide that you want your rental accommodation to be on Stradbroke Island, you can be assured that you will have a wonderful holiday and yet at the same time be close enough to the metropolis of Brisbane should you decide you need some nightlife as well. Planning your holiday on this beautiful island is a decision that you won't regret.

Marine Life and the Big Island

After you arrive at Straddie and settle into one of the premium rentals on the Island, you will be ready to explore the waters and see the marine life for which it is known. North Stradbroke Island is the world's largest sand island. The waters that surround the island are a combination of warm, northern tropical waters and cool southern ocean waters. This unique co-mingling creates the ideal marine setting and is what attracts so many holidaymakers.

Stradbroke's Marine Animals

Dolphins are not the only marine animals you will encounter on your holiday; there are humpback whales that can be seen from June through November as they migrate northwards. These majestic animals are on their way to the Great Barrier Reef for calving. Additionally, the mother whales and their calves make their trek back to the Antarctic and come very close to the shorelines when they do. Holidaymakers who are on the island at the time get a chance to see nature at its best as the calves play as they go on their journey.

A visit to Moreton Bay whilst on Stradbroke is a definite if you want to have the premium holiday experience. It is in this marine park that you will find dugongs. Many holidaymakers mistake them for dolphins; however, they have smaller eyes with a rounded head with nostrils that are on top of a large snout.

Up Close and Personal with the Dolphins

Undoubtedly the most popular attraction and the reason that so many people choose Stradbroke are the dolphins. You can find them playing up close and personal on the ocean side of the island and may even come across pods of little ones. Whilst you may be tempted to pet the dolphins that come in close to short, the environmentalists try to discourage this, despite the fact that the dolphins come to you.

Choose Stradbroke Island for your next holiday and enjoy the natural beauty of the marine wildlife and the pristine white sands between your toes.