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Straddie Assault Surfing Competition

Witness One of Australia's Best Surfing Competitions: Book Your Straddie Assault Accommodations Now

At the Straddie Assault, an annual invitation-only event held on Stradbroke Island, you will have an opportunity to see not one, not two, but 16 of the best surfing clubs in Australia. The team-based surfing competition brings together some of the most dynamic surfing talent from between Noosa Head and Lennox Head. The result is an explosive contest that will be exciting to watch even if you don't know much about surfing.

This year, the Straddie Assault surfing competition is scheduled for October 17th and 18th, at Stradbroke Island's beautiful Lookout Point. It will be the 32nd incarnation of the tournament, making it the longest running team surfing contest in all of Australia. Needless to say, this is an event that draws a dynamic array of surfing talent to Stradbroke. More than that, though, it's a competition that stresses teamwork and collaboration over individual accomplishment—something that might make you look at this normally individual-based sport in a brand new way.

Book Your Straddie Assault Accommodation Today

Are you interested in witnessing the collection of young talent that will surely be on display at the 2015 Straddie Assault Surfing Competition? Or are you actually participating in the event? In either case, you are going to need accommodations for the Straddie Assault weekend—something that can hard to come by on such a busy weekend.

If you need help finding Straddie Assault accommodation, simply direct your web browser to Operated by Dolphin North Stradbroke Island Holidays, the site will connect you with a whole catalogue of lodging options. From rustic shacks to beach houses with gorgeous ocean views, and from small houses to townhomes and condos stocked with modern amenities, there is an ideal accommodation on for virtually any type of vacation. Whether you are travelling alone, bringing your family or coming to Stradbroke Island with your surfing team, we can help you find the appropriate lodging to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable.

Extend Your Stay

There's no reason that you have to confine your Stradbroke Island visit to the two days of the Straddie Assault surfing competition. Why not start your vacation by spectating at the surfing event, and then stay for five days or a week, exploring the island, getting a sense of the native culture or simply relaxing on the beach? Many of the people who seek accommodation through Dolphin for the Straddie Assault competition—or for other popular festivals or events that take place on the island—make lengthier reservations so that they can experience more of what this great destination has to offer.

You can even bring your car over to the island on the ferry! All of Stradbroke's businesses, all of the lodgings available through and most of the attractions on the island are accessible by road. And once you are ready to go home, you can simply drive your car back onto the ferry and enjoy the 45-minute ride back to the docks of Cleveland (located 45 minutes away from Brisbane).

So visit and make your Straddie Assault accommodations today! Whether you are strictly coming for the surfing competition, or are taking a more extended vacation on the island, we guarantee that you won't regret it!