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Stradbroke Island Chamber Music Festival Accommodation

Reserve Your Stradbroke Island Accommodation for the 2015 Stradbroke Chamber Music Festival!

For three days this year—from Friday, July 24th to Sunday July 26th—a host of some of the world's most talented classical musicians will descend upon Stadbroke Island for the annual Stradbroke Chamber Music Festival. With six concerts set to take place over the course of the three days, the festival will provide plenty of cultural excitement and musical virtuosity to keep guests busy and entertained. Make sure you don't miss a single concert, by reserving island accommodations today through Straddie.

The Stradbroke Island Chamber Music Festival Program Layout

While some Stradbroke Chamber Music Festival visitors figure that they will just be able to catch the ferry back and forth from Cleveland for all three days of the festival, any attempt to do so will surely result in a missed concert or too. Indeed, the festival program is arranged in such a way that spending the night on the island is the only way to enjoy the full scope of what the event has to offer.

For instance, this year's Stradbroke Island Chamber Music Festival will begin on Friday night at 7 p.m., with a special 'Roots' concert that will focus on 'cultural diversity' and 'the backgrounds of the players.' (Visit the Stadbroke Chamber Music Festival website, at, to learn more about each program.)

Then, the second concert of the festival, titled 'Bach and Birdsong,' starts at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. This spread out nature of the events—which take place in the morning, afternoon and evening—makes it difficult for guests not staying on the island to attend more than a handful of the concerts. With the 45-minute ferry ride from Cleveland to Stradbroke Island, an 8 a.m. concert is a tough time to make.

Finding the Right Stradbroke Chamber Music Festival Accommodation

This is where Straddie can help. All year round, we assist guests in planning holidays and getaways to Stradbroke Island by offering comfortable accommodations on the island. If you are planning on purchasing tickets for this year's Stradbroke Chamber Music Festival, then our accommodations can help to make the spread out nature of the event program easier to navigate.

With a beach house or some other accommodation on the island, you will be able to make every curtain time in for the Stradbroke Island Chamber Music Festival—whether the scheduled time is morning, noon or night. Better yet, you will able to spend the hours between the concerts not simply killing time or riding on a ferry to and from Cleveland, but taking in the beauty of Stradbroke Island. From beautiful family-friendly beaches, to pubs and clubs that offer the best in island nightlife, Stradbroke is the perfect place to turn a few concerts into a relaxing and luxurious vacation.

So visit on the web, and check out our range of different Stradbroke Chamber Music Festival accommodation options. Staying on the island is really the only way to get full enjoyment out of morning and evening concerts, and you'll have so much fun seeing the sights that you might even end up viewing the music festival as a bonus attraction instead of as the main event!