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Straddie House Rentals

Dolphin Has Straddie’s Best Accommodations

Dolphin Holiday Accommodation has 18 years of experience in providing holiday travelers with the best Straddie house rentals. Booking a holiday on North Stradbroke Island is made easy when using Dolphin, which is committed to making their tenants’ stays most enjoyable ones. What makes them great is the variety of accommodations available, from budget to luxury. Holiday travelers can choose from one-night stays to unlimited stays as well. With Dolphin, the focus is on the service and making sure that everyone receives the best accommodations that are possible.

Straddie house rentals booked with Dolphin come with linens provided. All bath towels, bedding, and tea towels are supplied for travelers. This is one less thing that holiday-goers have to worry about. Dolphin is also able to save travelers on barge fares. For those who travel with pets, there are bookings available in pet-friendly properties. Anything that Dolphin Holiday Accommodation can do to make someone’s holiday better will be done. The focus is on the tenant and providing an affordable, memorable experience.

For a quiet, relaxing holiday, book Straddie house rentals through Dolphin Holiday Accommodation. Enjoy the great beaches, the swimming and surfing, and the fantastic scenery while on holiday on the island. Check the Straddie Chamber of Commerce web site for other fun activities and information about North Stradbroke Island. There are activities like whale watching available for travelers to experience while on the island. Other amenities like Internet access and mobile phone coverage are available. Travelers can get around the island using public transport.